Gemini Sound WRX-900TOGO Portable Rechargeable Audio Bluetooth Operational Guide

June 4, 2024
Gemini Sound

Gemini Sound

Gemini Sound WRX-900TOGO Portable Rechargeable Audio Bluetooth


  • Package Dimensions 65 x 19.53 x 15.83 inches
  • Item Weight 2 pounds
  • Speaker Type Subwoofer
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless Portable PA
  • Mounting Type Freestanding
  • Active / Passive Active
  • Amplifier Type Class D+Class AB
  • LF Driver Size 8” Subwoofer
  • HF Drivers Size 6 x 3.5”
  • LF Driver Power 500W RMS
  • HF Driver Power 100W RMS
  • Total Power 3000 Watts Peak
  • Inputs 2 x dual ¼” / XLR Switchable Line/MIC Inputs, 1/8” & RCA Aux Inputs
  • Outputs XLR Mix Output
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth Streaming with TWS Link
  • Brand Gemini Sound


Uncompromised audio performance is provided by the ‘go-anywhere’ line array speaker system known as the WRX-900TOGO. This portable speaker can be set up or disassembled in a matter of seconds and is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers up to 6 hours of excellent playback. With two detachable array spacers and a height-adjustable wide dispersion column array, it offers exceptional sound customization. The WRX-900TOGO is the ideal entertainment tool for artists, performers, and DJs who want to bring the party with them wherever they go. It has a 4-channel mixer.


The speaker can handle almost any setup thanks to Bluetooth, USB, 1/4″ Inch, and XLR ports, so connect your band’s instruments, DJ equipment, or just stream music from your favourite apps like Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, or YouTube Music


Gemini developed the Easy Stack system with this line array, which has many potential applications. You can choose the speaker’s height, unlike many others. Simple home stereos are at level 1, certain street performers are at level 2, while larger crowds and gigs are at level 3.


Take the music speaker outside or on a tour to obtain the best possible coverage without sacrificing volume. Use it for DJ setups, live stage performances, and street performances.


More surround sound is required. Using Bluetooth or NFC, you may wirelessly control several speakers from up to 100 feet away!


The performance line array speaker is more than just a loudspeaker. It’s designed for artists that want to showcase their music and voices to a crowd who wants more than just.

Unlimited audio and mixing options

There are countless ways to replay content. The WRX-900TOGO has four line/mic input channels with adjustable volume and reverb. The Professional Audio Column Array includes a subwoofer unit with controls for the master volume, line input, and mic input, as well as different DSP modes (music, live, hi-fi, and vocal). No matter how hard your speaker rocks, sound will always be crystal clear.

Portable and rechargeable

A rechargeable battery powers this 78″ tall skyscraper of a speaker, providing up to 6 fantastic hours of high-quality wireless playback. The WRX-900TOGO is a superbly built on-the-go sound system for artists that want an easy-to-setup and easy-to-take-down portable sound system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is overnight charging of a speaker acceptable?

It is entirely fine to leave your Bluetooth speaker charging over night if you are using one with a built-in battery. It is not advised to keep your Bluetooth speaker charging overnight though if the battery is replaceable.

How long does it take for portable speakers to charge?

The charging process for speakers using AC mains power typically takes 6 to 8 hours. A USB-charged speaker will take about 3–4 hours to completely charge.

How can you tell if your speaker has enough juice?

The built-in lithium ion battery is fully charged if the CHARGE indication remains off when the speaker power is off and connected to an AC outlet. Even if the speaker is kept plugged into an AC outlet, the battery won’t be able to be charged any further after it has reached its maximum capacity.

Can a speaker be used to play music while it charges?

No impact is made on the speaker’s performance by charging. There will be no problems with the sound quality of your speaker during operation. The speaker drains the battery while you charge it, which presents the sole difficulty.

How long should my Bluetooth speaker be charged?

The Bluetooth® speaker’s internal battery needs three (3) hours to fully recharge from a dead battery.

Are Bluetooth speakers rechargeable?

Overall, adding wireless speakers to your home music system might be a terrific choice. The majority of speakers won’t be completely wireless and will require a power source to function. Even totally portable systems occasionally need to be recharged.

Are Bluetooth speakers powered-source-required?

Bluetooth speakers and smart home speakers are always on since these extra functionalities require power. If you have active speakers, you can just connect your music source, put them into a power outlet (or use the internal batteries), and stop reading here—unless you’re inquisitive, that is.


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