softing smartLink HW-DP IIoT Gateway Owner’s Manual

June 14, 2024

smartLink HW-DP
Owner’s Manual

smartLink HW-DP IIoT Gateway

Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks

  • PLC Independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks
  • Integration without interference with the operation of existing installations
  • Compatible with products of leading device manufacturers

Configuration, Parameterization and Plant Asset Management Using Standard Industry Tools

  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Centralized and time-saving parameterization of PROFIBUS and HART field devices directly from the control room using HART IP and HART over PROFIBUS
  • Access from Plant Asset Management applications for field devices configuration based on FDT / DTM and EDDL standards (acyclic master)

Ethernet Access Point to PROFIBUS DP

  • Provides 2″ channel to access the field devices
  • Acts as PROFIBUS DP master class 2
  • Support of one PROFIBUS DP segment

Key Component for Transition to State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Re-use of existing PROFIBUS segments without requiring modification
  • Access to cyclic and acyclic data via HART-IP and OPC UA

Asset Management and Parameterization of HART Devices

Configuration, Parameterization, Plant Asset Management

  • Secure, standardized access to devices
  • Parallel to and independent of the controller

Inexpensive and low-risk integration

  • Connection of a large number of HART devices without rewiring the devices
  • Use of existing infrastructure using
  • Large number of supported Remote IOs

Compatible with established standard applications

  • Uses HART-IP as standard application protocol
  • Proven and tested

Asset Management and Parameterization of PROFIBUS Devices

Configuration, Parameterization, Plant Asset Management

  • Secure, standardized access to devices
  • Parallel to and independent of the controller

Compatible with established standard applications

  • Drivers available for FOT and Siemens PDM
  • Proven and tested

Direct Access to Process Data from PROFIBUS Networks

Capturing process data directly from the network

  • Live provision of all process data for further use in typical Industry 4.0 applications such as data analytics
  • Collecting data directly from the network, replacing the need to access the controller
  • No intervention in the running prosess

Secure provision of data using OPC UA

  • State-of-the-art transmission method in industrial networks
  • Also for several parallel accesses

Asset Monitoring and Diagnostics in PROFIBUS Networks Complete inventory of the entire network

  • 1&M data from all connected devices
  • Automated live queries without configuration

Secure provision of data using MQTT

  • State-of-the-art transmission method for cloud connectivity
  • Information model based on OPC UA Companion Specifications for PROFINET

Health monitoring of all connected devices

  • Diagnostic messages and status of all bus stations
  • Statistics parameters for the entire network

smartLink HW-DP

Technical Data

Hardware| Processor
Status LEDs (Gateway) Real-Time Clock| Intel Cyclone V SoC with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 PWR, RUN, ERR, BUS
Real-Time clock with buffering, setting the time via browser or by NTP server
(buffer time depends on conditions such as ambient temperature and duration of use)
Interfaces| Ethernet PROFIBUS DP| 1 x IEEE802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE- TX/1000BASE-T, Connector: RJ45
1 x Segment with RS485 Physical Layer, Connector: 9-pin Sub-D socket
Supported| Communication Protocols| HART-IP, PROFIBUS DP
PROFIBUS Remote IOs| Siemens:
ET 200SP: 155-6BU01-0CN0
ET 200iSP: 152-1AA00-0AB0
ET 200M: 153-2BA10-0XB0
S800: CI801, CI840, CI840A
S900: CI920N, CI920S
LB: LB8105, LB8106, LB8109
FB: FB8206, FB8209
R.Stahl: iS1+: CPM 9440/15-01-11
BL20: BL20-E-GW-DP, BL20-GW-DPV1 excom: GDP 1,5
WAGO: I/O System 750: 750-333, 750-833
HART IO Modules| Siemens:
ET 200SP: 134-6TD00-0CA1, 135-6TD00-0CA1
ET 200iSP: 134-7TD00-0AB0, 135-7TD00-0AB0, 134-7TD50-0AB0, 138-7FA00-0AB0
ET 200M: 332-8TF01-0AB0, 331-7TF00-0AB0, 331-7TF01-0AB0, 331-7TB00-0AB0, 332-8TF00-0AB0
S800: AI815, AO815, AI845, AO845A, AI895, AO895
S900: AI930N, AO930N
LB: LB3002, LB3102, LB3103, LB3105, LB4002, LB4005, LB4102, LB4105, LB3005A2, LB3006A, LB3106A, LB4106A, LB7104A
FB: FB3202B1, FB3202B2, FB3205B2, FB3205B3, FB3302B2, FB3305B2, FB4202B2, FB4202B3, FB4205B2, FB4205B3, FB4205C2, FB4302B2, FB7204B3, FB7304B3
R.Stahl: iS1+: AIM 9461/12-08-11, AOM 9466/12-08-11, AUM 9468/32-08-11
BL20: BL20-2AIH-I, BL20-2AOH-I excom: AIH40Ex, AOH40Ex
WAGO: I/O System 750: 750-484, 75x-842
HART-IP Applications| Emerson AMS Device Manager V14.1.1, V14.5 Endress + Hauser Netilion (FieldEdge SGC500)
| FDT Applications| PACTware, Endress + Hauser FieldCare
Physical Properties| Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight| 120 mm x 28 mm x 110 mm Approx. 430g
Power Supply| 18 VDC … 32 VDC; SELV/PELV power supply mandatory
Typical input current: 200 mA, maximum input current: 1 A (allowing for in- rush current at switch-on)
Typical Power Loss| 5 W
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature| -40 °C … +65 °C (see detailed mounting description in user manual)
-40 °C … +85 °C
Relative Humidity| 10 % … 95 %, non-condensing
Cooling| Convection, no fan
Mounting| DIN rail 35 mm
Protection Class| IP20
Conformity / Standards| CE
VCCI| Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) EN 61000-6-2 Generic standards – Immunity standard for industrial environments
EN 61000-6-4 Generic standards – Emission standard for industrial environments
EN 55032 Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment – Emission Requirements Class A EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment – Radio-frequency disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement Class A
EN IEC 63000:2018 RoHS, Assessment to the restriction of hazardous substances
FCC 47 CFR Part 15B Section  15.109 (Class A)
VCCI Voluntary Control Council for Interferences by Information Technology Equipment, April 2015

Scope of Delivery

Hardware smartLink HW-DP
Documentation On Website

Order Numbers

GEA-YN-026000 smartLink HW-DP
GEA-YN-026001 smartLink HW-DP 50, Hardware preloaded with licenses for 50

GEA-YN-026002| smartLink HW-DP 100, Hardware preloaded with licenses for 100 devices
GEA-YN-026003| smartLink HW-DP 250, Hardware preloaded with licenses for 250 devices
GEA-YN-026004| smartLink HW-DP 375, Hardware preloaded with licenses for 375 devices
LRA-NN-027004| smartPlus DP, License access to one field device

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