Tefal GV9820 Steam Generator Iron Instructions

June 13, 2024

Tefal GV9820 Steam Generator Iron

Safety information

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before using your appliance for the first time. This product is designed for domestic and indoor use only. For any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply.
  • Do not unplug your appliance by pulling on the power cord. Always unplug your appliance:
    • before filling the water tank or rinsing the boiler,
    • before cleaning the appliance,
    • after each use.
  • The steam generator iron does not work without the scale collector (depending on the model).
  • The appliance must be used and placed on a flat, stable and heat-resistant surface. When you place the iron on the iron rest, ensure that the surface on which you place it is stable. Do not place the base unit on the ironing board cover or on a soft surface.
  • This appliance is not intended to be used by individuals (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or those lacking experience or knowledge unless they have been given prior instruction on how to safely use the appliance or are under the supervision of a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  •  This appliance may be used by children aged 8 years and older and by individuals lacking experience or knowledge or with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, provided that they have been thoroughly instructed regarding the use of the appliance, are supervised, and understand the risks involved. Children must not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. Keep the iron and its power cord out of reach of children under 8 years of age when it is in use or cooling down.
  • The surfaces of your appliance can reach very high temperatures when functioning, which may cause burns. Do not touch the hot surfaces of the appliance (accessible metal parts and plastic parts adjacent to the metallic parts).
  • Never leave the appliance unsupervised while it is connected to the mains. Before storing the appliance, once it is unplugged, please wait until it has cooled down completely (around 1 hour).
  • It is very important not to use descaling products (vinegar, industrial descalers, etc.) to rinse the boiler, as they may damage it.
  • Before emptying the boiler/rinsing the collector (depending on the model), always wait until the appliance has cooled down and has been unplugged for over 2 hours before loosening the drainage/collector cap.
  • Caution: If the cap or drainage cap (depending on the model) is damaged, have it replaced by an approved service centre.
  • Never fill the appliance directly from the tap.
  • The filling, descaling, rinsing and inspection apertures, which are under pressure, must not be opened during use.
  • Care should be taken when using the appliance due to the emission of steam
  • Unplug the appliance during cleaning & filling
  • The appliance must not be used if it has been dropped, if it appears to be damaged if it is leaking or is not working correctly. Do not attempt to dismantle your appliance: take it to an approved service centre to avoid any danger.
  • If the power cord or steam cord of your appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by an approved service centre in order to avoid any danger.
  • All accessories, consumables and removable parts must be bought only from an approved service centre.
  • For your safety, this appliance conforms to all applicable regulations (Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility Environment Directives, etc.).
  • Your steam generator iron is an electrical appliance: it must be used under normal conditions of use.
  • It is equipped with 2 safety systems:
    • a valve to prevent the build-up of pressure, which allows excess steam to escape in the event of the appliance malfunctioning,
    • a thermal fuse to prevent overheating.
  • Always plug your appliance:
    • into a mains circuit with a voltage between 220 V and 240 V (Alternating current only),
    • into a socket outlet with an earth connection. The faulty connection can cause irreparable damage to the appliance and will invalidate your guarantee. If you are using an extension cord, ensure that it is correctly rated (16A) with an earth connection, and is fully extended.
  • Unwind the power cord fully before plugging it into an earthed plug socket.
  • Never touch the power cord or steam cord with the soleplate of the iron. Do not leave the power or water connection cords close to or in contact with sources of heat or sharp edges.
  • The water in the appliance may still be hot and cause burns even after 2 hours of cooling down. Handle the appliance with care when the cap/collector is removed, particularly when you are emptying it.
  • Your appliance emits steam that may cause burns.
    • Handle the iron with care, particularly when using the vertical steam function.
    • Never steam clothing when it is worn by a person, always steam it on a hanger.
    • Never iron in a seated position with your legs below the ironing board.
    • Never direct the steam towards people or animals.
  • The first time the appliance is used, there may be some fumes and smell but this is not harmful.
  • Never immerse your steam generator iron in water or any other liquid. Never place it under tap water.

What water should I use?

  • This appliance has been designed to be used with untreated tap water. If your water is very hard, (hardness above 30°F, or 17°dH or 21°e) use a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% distilled water. In some seaside regions, salt content might be high. In that case, use only water bottle, with low mineral lever
  • There are different types of softened water, and most of them can be used in your steam gen. However, some of them, especially the one with chemical components, like salt, might occur white or brown runs. If you face this type of issue, we recommand you to use non-treated tap water or bottled water.
  • You should not use water from domestic appliances, with additives ( starch, perfume, etc.) , rainwater, boiled, filtered, bottled water. Do not use pure distilled nor pure demineralised water. Such water might affect steam attributes and at high temperature generate steam chamber sediment, liable to stain your linen and provoque early appliance ageing.

Help protect the environment!

  • Your appliance contains a number of recoverable or recyclable materials.
  • Take these to a collection centre, or to an approved service centre for processing.

Troubleshooting problems with your steam generator iron

Water is dripping from the holes in the soleplate The water has condensed in

the tubes because you are using the steamer for the first time or have not used it for a while.| Press the steam button away from your ironing board until the iron emits steam.
The soleplate is not hot enough to produce steam.| Set the iron to the steam zone* (see user manual).
Traces of water appear on the laundry| Your ironing board cover is saturated with water as it is not suitable for the power of a steam generator.| Ensure you use a suitable ironing board (a mesh ironing board which prevents condensation).
White streaks are dripping from the holes in the soleplate| Your boiler is emitting limescale as it is not rinsed regularly.| Rinse the boiler as instructed in the user manual.
Brown streaks are drip-ping from the holes in the soleplate and stain the


| You are using chemical descaling agents or additives in the water.| Never add any product to the boiler (see the section “What water should I use?”)
The soleplate is dirty or brown and may mark the laundry| The iron is being used on too high a temperature.| Clean the soleplate as instructed in the user manual. Use a lower temperature.
The soleplate is scratched or damaged| You have placed your iron flat down on the metal iron rest.| Always place your iron on its heel or on the steam generator base.
The red

“WATER” indicator light is flashing*

| You have not pressed the “OK” button.| Press the “OK” button located on the con- trol panel until the indicator light goes off.
The “anti-scale” indicator light is flashing| You have not pressed the “OK” button.| Press the “OK” button located on the con- trol panel until the indicator light goes off.
The steam generator iron will not turn on or the iron indicator light and the “ON-OFF” indicator light will not turn on.
| The “auto-off” system is activated after 30 minutes of non-use and has turned off your steam generator iron.| Press the “ON-OFF” restart button located on the control panel.
The red “WATER” indicator light is flashing and the “ON-OFF” button is not working.*| The appliance has been stored in a cold area (around <10C°)| Unplug the appliance. Leave the appli- ance for 3 hours until it reaches ambient temperature.

  • Depending on the model If you cannot determine the cause of the problem, consult an approved after-sales care service.
  • 1820002438 – S STATION SAFETIES


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