UNIVERSITY GAMES 01362 Smart Ass Card Game Instructions

June 8, 2024

**UNIVERSITY GAMES 01362 Smart Ass Card Game Ins



Smart Ass® Ages 12+

Life Hacks

Life Hacks™ Ages 16+

Autocorrect™ Ages 12+




  • 90 Question Cards

Object of the Game
Be the first player to answer four Question Cards correctly.
Note: the cards can be any mixture of categories.


  • Shuffle all of the Question Cards together. Blue is What Am I?, green is Where Am I? and orange is Who Am I?

Playing the Game

  1. The oldest player (Player 1) is the Reader. Player 1 selects the top Question Card from the deck and begins to read the eight clues aloud.
  2. Any player (other than Player 1) can yell out an answer at any time. However, each player gets only one try at answering each card. Any player who answers incorrectly is out for that Question Card and cannot try to answer that question again. Player 1 continues to read the Question Card clues until a player answers the question correctly. That player then takes the card and places it in front of him/herself.
  3. If no player answers the Question Card correctly after the last clue is given, Player 1 wins the card.
  4. Play passes to the left with the person to Player 1’s left reading the next Question Card.
  5. Tie Breakers – If there is a dispute regarding which player answered the question correctly first, the Reader should determine which player wins the card. However, if the Reader cannot make the determination, then the Reader selects the next Question Card and reads its clues for the tied players only. The first player to answer the tie-breaking question correctly wins the initial card. The tie-breaking card is then discarded. If none of the tied players answers the question correctly, the Reader wins the initial card.

Winning the Game
The first player to collect four Question Cards is declared the winner.

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