How to Install Go Integrator Lite with Nextiva

June 7, 2024

Bridge the gap between your Nextiva communication system and your customer address books and database records, all while saving time and cash.

Go Integrator is a powerful desktop-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and unified communication software suite, which gives users a high level of integration and expanded communication options, as well as integration with the Nextiva voice platform. Go Integrator allows you to dial any number with ease, sync customer records with our extraordinary voice platform and work collaboratively. It’s not only guaranteed to save you time, but it is also very easy to set up and maintain, at a fraction of the cost of other integration tools. Go Integrator for Nextiva comes in two versions, Lite and DB (database). The DB version offers additional integration with many standard CRM applications. Click HERE to set up Go Integrator DB.

Go Integrator Lite

Go Integrator Lite is designed to help you get the most out of your Nextiva hosted business communication system. Click-based call control saves time and eliminates dialing errors.

  • Effortlessly search contacts in Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts or Lotus Notes
  • Activate click-to-dial from web pages, contact sheets, and address books
  • Examine your call history, and view and return missed calls with ease
  • Enable insight into teammate availability, using native presence information

How do I install Go Integrator Lite?

First, to purchase Go Integrator Lite for Nextiva, please call 800-799-0600. Once complete, please follow these instructions for installation:

  1. Download the installer for Windows by clicking here, and the installer for Mac by clicking here.
  2. Follow the instructions per the installer. Once fully installed, launch the application or right-click on the green Go Integrator client in the system tray of your computer.
  3. Select Configuration from the menu. Under the Telephony setup page, fill in the following:

Go Integrator Telephony Setup

  * Username – Nextiva username followed by **For example** :
  * Password – NextOS password associated with your username

4. After the above information has been entered, press Save.

Now you’re ready to set up integration with your customer address books, Outlook, and Lotus notes.

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