SRFvh 40 Perfection Laboratory Refrigerator User Guide

June 1, 2024

SRFvh 40 Perfection Laboratory Refrigerator


Product Information


  • Model: SRFvh 40../55..
  • Intended Use: Everyday use for handling the appliance
  • Features: Touch display navigation
  • Not suitable for: Use in potentially explosive atmospheres, outdoor or damp areas

Product Usage Instructions

Navigation with Touch Display:

  • Swipe right or left to navigate within the menu.
  • Press briefly to activate/deactivate functions, confirm selection, or open submenu.
  • Long press (3 seconds) to activate/deactivate functions.
  • Briefly press the Back symbol to go back one level.

Intended Use:

Do not use the appliance in potentially explosive atmospheres or outdoors. Follow guidelines for stocking, including positioning grid shelves, observing maximum load, maintaining ventilation slots, and ensuring good air circulation.

Displaying and Resetting Temperature Recording:

  • Follow the steps provided in the user manual for displaying and resetting temperature recording.

Unlocking Appliance:

  • Follow the instructions in the user manual to unlock the appliance.

Cleaning Appliance:

  • Empty the appliance and unplug it.
  • Follow operating instructions for cleaning.
  • Dry the appliance thoroughly before reconnecting and loading it.


  • What should I do if there is a fault?
    • If there is a fault with the appliance: – Attempt to remedy simple malfunctions as per instructions. – If unable to resolve the fault, contact a competent staff member or customer service outlet.

Quick Start Guide for everyday use

If there is a fault with the

appliance, inform:

Model ID / Inventory number:

Quick Start Guide for everyday use Navigation with the touch display

Information about using this Quick Start Guide:
– This Quick Start Guide is not a substitute for the full operating instructions nor is it a substitute for appliance training.
– This Quick Start Guide provides support for everyday use and handling the appliance.
– Read the full operating instructions and the safety notes contained therein.
– This Quick Start Guide is for: SRFvh 40../55.. – Scanning the QR code will open the full operating


Description Swipe right or left Navigates within the menu.
Press briefly Activates/deactivates function. Confirms selection. Opens submenu. Long press (3 seconds) Activates/deactivates function.

Brief press of Back symbol Jumps back one level.

Intended use
This laboratory refrigerator is suitable for professional storage of products at temperatures between 3 °C and 16 °C.
Foreseeable incorrect use
Do not use the appliance for the following applications:
– Storage and refrigeration of: · Chemically unstable, flammable or corrosive substances · Blood, plasma or other body fluids for the purpose of infusion, application or introduction in the human body
– Use in potentially explosive atmospheres – Use outdoors or in areas exposed to dampness and
splashing water
When stocking, observe the following points:
q Position grid shelves according to the height required. q Observe maximum load. q When the storage temperature has been reached, load
the appliance (compliance with cold chain). q Keep the ventilation slots of the recirculation fan free in
the interior. q Produce for cooling must not come into contact with the
evaporator on the rear wall. q Keep liquids in closed containers. q Leave space when storing refrigerated goods to ensure
good air circulation.

Displaying temperature recording
Fig. 156 u Complete steps (see Fig. 5562) .
Resetting temperature recording
°C °C 65 h

Status display



°C °C

Fig. 155
(1) Actual temperature (2) Alarm status

(3) Defrosting status (4) Door opening status

Fig. 157 u Complete steps (see Fig. 5563) .

  • Depending on model and options


Quick Start Guide for everyday use

Unlocking appliance
Fig. 158 u Insert the key. Fig. 158 (1) u Turn the key clockwise by 90°. Fig. 158 (2) w The appliance is unlocked.
Displaying alarm log



colour in the




Consult the operating

Appears when there instructions



are malfunctions. perform


You can eliminate troubleshooting

simple malfunctions steps.


If you cannot remedy the fault yourself, contact a competent member of staff or your nearest customer service outlet.

Cut out the page

Fig. 159 Example shows an active alarm, an unconfirmed alarm, and a confirmed alarm. u Complete steps (see Fig. 5565) . w Alarm log shows active, confirmed or unconfirmed alarms (maximum 10 alarms). w To delete the alarm log: See operating instructions.
Cleaning appliance
u Empty the appliance. u Pull out the mains plug. u Observe the information in the operating instructions. u Dry the appliance and equipment thoroughly after
cleaning. u Connect the appliance. u Switch on the appliance. u Load the appliance once the storage temperature is

What should I do if there is a fault?

A message appears in the display if there is a fault. Messages have different meanings:



colour in the





Consult the operating

Reminder of general instructions


procedures. You can perform


carry out these troubleshooting


to steps.





  • Depending on model and options

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