ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock User Manual

June 9, 2024


ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock

ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig1

Technical specification

  • Protocol: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Locking: Wi-Fi, Code, Key
  • Devices: Android 4.3, IOS 7.0+
  • Power supply: 4 x AA Batteries
  • Current: Static < 30uA, 200mA


Get started with your smart life journey by downloading the S+ Smart APP. Manage all devices on your smartphone or tablet. Easily connect to your home Wi-Fi and control multiple devices only with your fingertips. Remotely control the lock whenever you are. Create one time password for friends and visitors. Use Alexa or Google voice control to lock/unlock the door without opening the APP.


Step 1: Pair lock with APP

Pair lock with APP before lock installation

Wiring lock

  1. Locate lock’s front panel and lock’s back panel.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig2
  2. Connect cable from front panel to connector on the back panel.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig3
  3. Remove battery cover and insert 4 x AA batteries, you will hear a long beep when battery is properly installed.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig4

APP installation and registration

  1. Download
    Scan the QR code below or search ‘ S+ Smart ’ in APP store or Google PlayShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig5

  2. Register
    Register an account on the S+ Smart APP

    • Register with your email;
    • Enter the verification code;
    • Create a password which should contains both alphabets and letters, registration Done!

Add lock to APP

  1. In S+ Smart APP, on the top right corner of mainpage, click (+), or ‘Add Device’ in the center, choose ‘Lock’, then swipe right to ‘Auto Scan’ PageShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig9
  2. Ensure bluetooth of your phone is turned on and Wi-Fi is well connected, then app will enter ‘Auto Scan’ Mode (Note: Lock only supports 2.4GHz WiFi network). Hold lock’s Set button for 10s until you hear a long beep after several short beeps to enter ‘Pairing Mode’.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig10
  3. The lock will pop up in the ‘Auto Scan’ Page.
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi network password.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig11
  5. Click Next, the lock will start to connect till completeShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig12
  6. If lock is connected successfully, disconnect lock cable, uninstall batteries, and proceed to next part ‘Lock installation’.
Step 2: Lock installation

Install lock after the lock is paired with APP

Important Notes!

  1. Lock needs to be paired with app prior to installation. If it hasn’t been done, pls go back to ‘Step 1’ to learn how to pair lock with APP first.
  2. Use included stencil to check door specs are compatible with lock.
  3. Test lock and unlock door after installation.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig13

Please check door dimensions before installation

  • Door Thickness :
    1-5/16″ – 2″ (33mm-50mm)

  • Bore Hole Diameter:
    2-1/8″ (54mm)

  • Bore Hole Backset:
    2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ (60mm or 70mm)ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-

  • Step 1: Use included stencil to ensure that door meets lock specifications.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig15

  • Step 2: Install bolt in unlocked position. If latch needs to be extended, turn clockwise and pull.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig16

  • Step 3: Secure bolt using supplied screws.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig17

  • Step 4: Install lock keypad and route cable under deadbolt.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig18

  • Step 5: Ensure rubber backing is flush with door.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig19

  • Step 6: Pull cable through door opening below deadbolt.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig20

  • Step 7: Place metal plate backing against door and thread cable through opening.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig21

  • Step 8: Install metal backplate using supplied screws.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig22

  • Step 9: Connect cable to back portion of lock ensuring cable pins are up.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig23

  • Step 10: Ensure back knob is in the horizontal position.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig24

  • Step 11: Align back of lock with backplate.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig25

  • Step 12: Screw backplate on back of lock.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig26

  • Step 13: Put 4 x AA batteries in and installation done!

  • Step 14: Test process

1. Open App and ensure lock is online. If lock is offline, re-install the batteries, drag down HOME page to refresh, it should be back online.
2.  Locking Test
  * Test over APP. Long press ‘Lock icon’ on app’s LOCK page to lock the door.
  * Test over Keypad. Click on the keypad of the lock to lock the door.
3. Unlocking Test  

Test over APP. Long Press ‘Lock icon’ on app’s LOCK page to unlock door.ShopperPlus Cab-PC-08367 Smart Door Lock-fig28


  • If you could successfully lock and unlock the door, that means the lock was properly installed.
  • For any further support or help, please contact us at 1-866-979-7463.

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