MONNIT EDG-CCE-AQS-01 ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway User Guide

June 6, 2024

Remote Monitoring for Business
Quick Start Guide – ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway

  1. Power up the Advanced Edge Gateway by first plugging in the power supply and connecting the Ethernet Cable. It may take up to two minutes for the indicator LEDs to show activity.

  2. Enter: http://aegw-{Device ID}.local/into your browser address bar. The {Device ID} will be the six-digit number printed under the QR code of your device.
    Click on “Go to the index” to return to this screen at any time.
    Click on “Go to Guided Setup” if you are new to this gateway.
    Enter a password. Follow the screens through these steps:Network configuration
    General settings
    Time zone
    Cloud/MQTT producer setup

  3. Click on “Go to the setup home” for the main menu.
    Click on “Go to the setup home”, then click on “Monitor status and logs of the gateway”.

  4. Click on “Go to the index” to return to the main screen.
    Click on “Go to the legacy Express Core interface” to set up sensors for this gateway.

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