Shenzhen Pannizhe Technology PN-W25 38600mAh Solar Charging Power Bank User Manual

June 5, 2024
Shenzhen Pannizhe Technology

Shenzhen Pannizhe Technology PN-W25 38600mAh Solar Charging Power Bank


Important safety instructions

  • A. Carefully read the User Manual before using the power bank.
  • B. Close supervision is needed when the power bank is used near children.
  • C. Do not strike, hit or insert any foreign objects into the power bank or any of its ports.
  • D. Do not expose the power bank to heavy rain/ snow to avoid malfunction.
  • E. Do not immerse the power bank into the water to avoid malfunction.
  • F. Do not disassemble or reassemble the power bank without authorization from the manufacturer
  • G. Do not use the power bank if it has been damaged or modified. If you see any bulging, swelling, leakage or other abnormal,qualify from the power bank, stop using it immediately.

Special Attention

  1.  The suggested working/storage temperature under 3 months is between -4″F and +113″F (-20°C-45°C), and the 6 months is between+ 70″F and +77″F(2l”C-25’C).
  2.  Do not expose a power bank to fire or ext「eme high temperature. Exposure to fire or temperature above 113’F /45°C may cause battery swelling up or explosion.
  3.  Do not leave the power bank on the car dashboard without supervision. Under hot weather, the temperature inside a parked car can reach above ll3°F /45’C, where the battery may swell up or explode.
  4.  Do not leave the power bank on the flat surface of concrete, metal and wooden floor to have the battery being solar charged. Under strong sunlight, the surface temperature of concrete, metal and wooden floor may reach above ll3’F /45’C where the battery may sell up or explode
  5.  For solar panel charging, we recommend that you hang the power bank in a ventilated environment for solar charging to avoid swell up of the battery due to extremely high temperatures.

Legal and ooooo Regulatory Compliance

All power banks have undergone extensive tests and strict quality control procedures. Both our factory and products are tested and certified.

  1.  ISO 9001:Quality management system that demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2.  UN38.3 Test Certificate: This ensures that the battery cell used in the power bank adheres to safety standards for things like maximum continuous? charge voltage, cut off voltage, cell numbers, nominal voltage, discharge etc
  3.  MSDS Certificate: This is the Material Safty Data Sheet, all our power banks come with MSDS sheets, these sheets outline the haza「dousness material with batteries, handling procedures, precautions etc.
  4.  UL 2056 Test Certificate: A safety standard proves that the products has been gone through a series of in-depth evaluations by UL expert engineers.
  5.  CE Certificate: All our power banks are certified with CE certificates to ensure they comply with regulations for sale in Europe Market.

Product Details


**Product Parameters


Package Include
Solar Charging Power Bank x 1 Carabiner x 1 Charging cable X3 User manual X 1

Product Specifications

  1.  Exclusive appearance design, fashion, beautiful.
  2.  Made of original A-grade polymer battery safe, stable, and durable
  3.  Wireless charging, compatible with all Qi standard smartphones
  4.  High-capacity portable power bank, support multiple USB ports output at the same time.
  5.  Built-in solar panel charging input, charging anytime, anywhere.
  6.  Equipped with LED lights, convenient for outdoor use.
  7.  The power bank can be loaded with two charging bubles, convenient for use. (3 cables provided in total)


Turn on/off
Press the power button to tum on the power bank, the LED indicators will light on. Without the device connected, the power bank will automatically shut down after 30 seconds.

Charge the power bank

  • Solar charging
    Place the solar panel facing upward in the direct sunlight, the sunlight will be converted into electricity to charge the power link. The solar charging performance will be more effective under strong light. When the tern perature is high in summer, please do not place the power bank on the concrete floor, car, and other places where he gathers. When the body temperature of the power bank exceeds l13 ° F /45’C, please stop using solar charging.

  • Power charging
    Plug the TYPE-C/Micro USB/Lightning cable into the input port to charge the power bank. The LED indicators will flash when cha「ging and stay on when fully charged  Charging cell phones and other electronic products

  • With cables
    Press the power button to turn on the power bank, plug the cable into the USB output ports, the other end is plugged into the power connector of the product to be charged

  • With wireless charging
    Press the power button and the green indicate the Dr light on the back. Align the phone with the wireless charging area of the product to charge the phone wirelessly. The phone case must not contain metal, and the case’s thickness must not exceed 4mm when using wireless charging.

  • LED light
    Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LED lights. Please turn the LED lights off to save power when no need to use.


  1.  This product is suitable for charging equipment within the specifications of DCSV/3A, if use the charging equipment beyond this specification may cause damage to the product.
  2.  Please do not disassemble or modify this product.
  3.  Please pay attention to fire and moisture, to prevent malfunction.
  4.  Do not use this product in the high-temperature environment (ll3 ° F/45 ° C).
  5.  Please connect the equipment that meets the output specification of this product.

Common problems and solutions:

  • Tum on the power button and the LED Indicator; show blue. Battery power is about to run out, please charge it immediately
  • unable to charge the power bank Replace the charger adapter and charging cable and try to charge again
  • Cannot charge the phone or other devices Please plug and unplug the charging cable again to connect the cell phone and the power bank.
  • The power bank cannot be fully charged even being charged for a long time. Please use the cable equipped and the charger an adaptor that supports SV/2.lA or above output

Other common treatment methods:

  • Check if the button is flexible.
  •  Check if the charging indicator is well when charging.
  • Check whether the USB input cable is good and whether there is any abnormality after connecting to the power bank.
  • Check if the USB output cable is good and if there is any abnormality when connecting to the device that needs to be charged.
  • Check if there is any abnormal noise or odor in the product.
  • Please do not disassemble the power bank, the warranty does not cover human-made damage. , If the problems cannot be solved after the above methods, please contact our after-sales service for help.

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