acmerevival Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump System Instructions

June 17, 2024

acmerevival Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump System Instructions

acmerevival Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump System

1. Troubleshooting:

Alarms and Their Management

  • Silencing an Alarm: To silence the audio tone for an alarm, press the SILENCE soft key or any key on the keypad. This silences the alarm tone for 2 minutes. If the alarm has not been cleared after 2 minutes, the alarm tone will resume.
  • Clearing an Alarm: To clear an alarm, follow all of the prompts and instructions in the alarm message. The alarm clears after you have corrected the alarm condition and followed all of the prompts.

Common Alarm Messages and Actions

  • Air-In-Line:
  • Check for kinks in tubing or closed clamps above the pump that may result in an upstream occlusion. Evaluate tubing for the presence of air. Press OK then RUN to advance small bubbles past the air detector.
  • If greater than approximately 1 mL of accumulated air is detected in 15 min, the pump will alarm.
  • Battery Issues:
  • Battery Missing: Confirm that the battery is properly installed and securely latched into the pump.
  • Depleted Battery: Plug the pump’s AC Power Adaptor into an AC outlet to recharge the battery.
  • Door Not Fully Closed / Set Outside Channel:
  • Close the roller clamp below the pump, then open the door by inserting the slide clamp into the keyhole. Re-load the IV set following the on-screen prompts.
  • Downstream Occlusion:
  • Eliminate a closed clamp, kinked tubing, positional catheter, clotted catheter, clogged IV filter, or other sources of occlusion below the pump.
  • System Error:
  • Some faults can be cleared by either cycling power (off then on) or by turning the power off, disconnecting the battery, reconnecting it several seconds later, and pressing the ON key. If neither procedure clears the fault, return the pump for service.

Preventing Nuisance Alarms

  • Remove all air from IV sets while priming, invert and tap air from all Y injection sites and back check valves
  • Do not administer extremely cold or hot solutions; warm solutions to room temperature before use.
  • Effervescent, foamy, or frothy solutions can result in nuisance upstream occlusion alarms.

Managing Bolus before Occlusion (Downstream) Release

  • When a downstream occlusion alarm occurs, pressure builds up, creating a small volume of fluid (the “bolus”) between the pump and the point of occlusion. Withdraw 0.9 mL of fluid from the lower Y injection site of the IV set and eliminate the source of the occlusion to manage unintended small bolus releases.

Battery Warning Levels

  • The pump provides three warning levels as the battery capacity decreases: Low Battery, Very Low Battery, and Battery Depleted. There is ample time between the alarms for the pump to be plugged into main power.


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