BOIPA UK Desk 3500 Pin Pad User Guide

June 17, 2024

Quick Start Guide Desk
3500 with Pin Pad

What’s in the box?

  1. Card Payment Terminal
  2. External Pin-Pad
  3. Power supply unit
  4. USB Pin-pad Cable
  5. Ethernet Cable
  6. PSTN Cable
  7. Receipt Rolls
  8. Window decal
  9. Quick Reference GuideBOIPA UK Desk 3500 Pin Pad

Function Keys

BOIPA UK Desk 3500 Pin Pad - Function Keys

  • Menu – Use this button to access the main functions menu on the terminal
  • Cancel – Use this button to cancel and revert back to the previous screen
  • Clear – Use this button to clear back or delete characters when keying in text/numbers
  • Enter – Use this button to confirm selection on the terminal

Getting started

Please connect the Power Supply unit to mains power close to the desired location of the terminal. Connect the Power supply cable to the port shown and if Using Ethernet or PSTN, please connect the cables to the Ports shown

Once the Base and any additional cabling is connected, allow the device to power up. This will take approximately 4 minutes.
If using an Ethernet connection, the terminal should obtain a valid IP address and connection automatically once connected to an Active Ethernet Port.
The Ethernet symbol on the top of the Terminal Display should turn Green to indicate a Valid IP connection .
If the Ethernet Symbol remains white, please check the connection to the Terminal and your Router to ensure the cables are connected correctly.
To confirm your terminal is connected and ready to accept Payments, perform a connection test using the following steps:

  1. Press the Menu Button
  2. Select option “Connection Test”
  3. Terminal Will Print a receipt with “Connection OK” printed near the top.
  4. Your terminal is now ready to use

Please consult your Quick reference guide provided for instructions on performing transactions.
EVO Payments UK Ltd trading as BOI UK Payment Acceptance is registered in the UK under Companies House number 13527680.
Further trading name of EVO Payments UK Ltd is BOIPA UK. EVO Payments UK Ltd is authorised and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulation 2017 (FRN 959332) for the provision of payment services and under the Consumer Credit Act (FRN 966552) for the undertaking of terminal rentals. EVO Payments UK Ltd trading as BOI UK Payment Acceptance is not a member of the Bank of Ireland Group. BOI UK Payment Acceptance has entered into a marketing alliance with the Bank of Ireland (UK) plc. BOI and the Tree of Life logo are trademarks of The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland and are being used under license by EVO Payments UK Ltd, trading as BOI UK Payment Acceptance.



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