AUGMENTED VISION LABS S5 Mini Hybrid Lens Insertion System User Manual

June 10, 2024

VISION LABS S5 Mini Hybrid Lens Insertion System
User Manual


  1. Please consult with your eyecare provider for instructions on how to clean and maintain your lenses. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate lens cleaning and maintenance products that you should use with your lenses.
  2. If you experience pain or a decrease in the quality of your vision after using the S5 Mini™ stop using the device and contact your eyecare provider immediately.
  3. Lens Holder:
    a. Please read the insert included with the rubber lens holder before using it.
    b. ALLERGY NOTICE: The lens holder provided with the S5 Mini™ (known as the DMV® Vented Scleral Cup™ SynergEyes® Model) contains latex.
    c. The lens holder provided with the S5 Mini™ is only intended for use in lens insertion. Do not use the provided lens holder during lens removal.
    d. CHOKING HAZARD: Keep the lens holder and its case out of the reach of children.

Your S5 Mini™ comes with a 1 year warranty which covers the replacement of any device components that fail to operate as expected due to a manufacturer defect. *Eligibility for this warranty requires registration of your device within 60 days of receiving it. Register your device at or by clicking the button below.
Submit Warranty Registration
Thank you for purchasing the S5 Mini™. I designed this device to eliminate the frustration that my patients had with inserting their scleral and hybrid lenses and I hope that it will do the same for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via phone, text or email if you have any questions or if there is any way that we can be of assistance to you.
I’m available 7 days a week to help you with lens insertion coaching via phone or FaceTime/video chat so please don’t hesitate to reach out if a coaching session would be helpful to you. My contact information is included below as well as on the business card that was provided with your device.
Best wishes,
Dr. Fayez Mahout, OD
Founder, Augmented Vision Labs, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 970-402-5789
The S5 Mini™ was designed to make struggling with scleral and hybrid lens insertion a thing of the past. The device allows for hands free stabilization of your lens which enables you to have two hands available to hold your eyelids open. This will allow you to more effectively counter the human blink reflex which is often triggered when the lens is on or near the eye. Lens stabilization will also help reduce accidental spilling of the saline solution during insertion which will reduce the chance of air bubbles getting trapped under the lens. The device also features a light source to help you align your eye with the center of the lens during insertion.

  1. Please clean the rubber lens holder with an alcohol wipe before every use and allow it to dry completely before placing a lens on it. The lens holder should be replaced at leas once every 3 months.

  2. Immediately after inserting your lenses, take a moment to remove any liquid that may have spilled onto your device. This will help prevent water from getting into the electronic components of your device.

  3. It’s important to make sure that the storage case for your device is completely dry before storing the device in it. If you place containers in the storage case that hold liquids (ex. contact lens cases), please ensure that they are securely closed to prevent liquid damage to your device.
    a. It’s recommended that you use an alcohol wipe to clean the outside of the device as well as the storage case at least once per week. After cleaning, make sure that all parts are completely dry before storing them.

  4. The bottom of the suction base should be cleaned periodically with an alcohol wipe to ensure maximum suction.

  5. Charging the light unit:
    a. When you notice the light becoming dim, it’s time to charge the light unit.
    i. Disconnect the light unit from the base lever by twisting the bottom half of the light unit (shown in green) counterclockwise.

ii. Locate the USB port on the bottom of the light unit.
iii. Connect the female end of the provided USB charging cable to the bottom of the light unit.
iv. Connect the male end of the cable to a desktop or laptop computer.
b. The light unit will reach a full charge after 1 hour of being plugged in.



  1. Place the suction base on a smooth, flat surface. Ensure that both the bottom of the suction base and the surface are clean and dry.

  2. Hold down the outer edge of the suction base while pulling the light unit upward until the device locks into place in the vertical position. This will engage the suction of the base.

  3. Connect the rubber lens holder to the top of the light unit.

  4. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and dry them with a lint-free towel.

  5. Clean the rubber lens holder with a disinfecting alcohol wipe.
    a. *Allow the lens holder to dry completely before placing your contact lens on it.

  6. Clean the upper segment of the light unit (the part that twists) with a disinfecting alcohol wipe.
    a. You can use the same wipe that you previously used to clean the lens holder.

  7. Inspect your lens to make sure it is clean and free of damage then place it on the rubber lens holder.
    a. It’s recommended to rinse your lens with preservative free saline if it was previously stored in a multi-purpose cleaning solution.

  8. Fill the lens bowl with a preservative-free saline solution that is approved by your doctor.
    a. Add saline until the level rises above the edge of the lens.

  9. Twist the top half of the light unit counterclockwise to activate the light.


  1. Place your head directly over the lens, making sure that it is level with the surface that the base was placed on. Your chin should be tucked in toward your chest.

  2. Use both hands to firmly hold your upper and lower eyelids open.
    a. Tip: Placing your finger as close as possible to your eyelashes (without touching your eyelashes) will give you the best grip on your eyelids.

  3. Keep both eyes open and slowly move your head down toward the lens until your eye makes contact with the lens.
    a. Tip: Focus on the light as you move closer to the lens. The light will look perfectly round if you are lined up with the center of the lens. If the light does not look round, you will need to adjust the position of your head until it does. b. It is normal for saline to spill out of the lens bowl when your eye makes contact with the lens.

  4. Once you feel that the lens has made contact with your eye, move your head back up and away from the device and slowly release your eyelids.

  5. Twist the top half of the light unit clockwise to turn off the light.

  6.  For your second eye:
    a. Repeat steps 8 through 10 in the “Before Lens Insertion” section to prepare your second lens for insertion.
    b. Repeat steps 1 through 5 in the “Lens Insertion” section to insert your second lens.

  7. Cover one eye at a time to see if you can notice any air bubbles that may be trapped under the lens. It may be helpful to use a mirror and a flashlight to check for air bubbles.
    a. If air bubbles are seen, you must remove the lens and re-insert it.

Please carefully follow the instructions below to keep liquid away from the electronics of your device. Following these instructions will extend the operational life of your device.

  1. Remove the rubber lens holder from the light unit.

  2. Dry off the outside of the light unit and base with a paper towel.

  3. Detach the S5 Mini™ from the mounting surface:
    a. Push the light unit back to the horizontal position to break the suction of the base.
    i. If the suction doesn’t release right away, it may be necessary to use a fingernail or a business card to separate the edge of the base from the surface that it is suctioned to.
    b. Use a paper towel to dry off any remaining moisture on the base.

  4. Drying the lens holder dock:
    a. Turn the light unit upside down to drain any liquid inside the orange lens holder dock. Use a paper towel or a q-tip to soak up any liquid remaining in the lens holder dock.

  5. Please ensure that the storage case used to store the device is completely dry before using it to store your device. This is important for reducing the growth of microbes in the storage case as well as reducing the chance of moisture causing damage to the electronics of your device.
    a. It’s recommended that you use alcohol or another disinfecting solution to clean the inside and outside of your storage case at least once per week. After cleaning, make sure that the case dries completely before using it to store your device and lens accessories.

We created this video to give you a visual demonstration of good techniques for lens insertion. Please read the complete set of instructions in the user manual before watching the video as they contain important tips for lens insertion and device maintenance that are not included in the video.

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  1. Get a second device to help with lens insertion when you are away from home.
  2. Try out the S5 Inserter™ which is optimized for lens insertion while standing.
  3. Gift a device to a friend or family member who can benefit from using one.

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