Entel DX-IS Land Series Two Way Radio User Guide

May 18, 2024

Entel DX-IS Land Series Two Way Radio


The DX-IS Series is a commercial-grade radio intrinsically safe and certified to UL913 5th Ed by SGS. Your radio can be configured with Digital and Analogue channels and to meet your exact requirements the radio may have been customised by your Entel Dealer. These features will be explained in a separate guide issued by the Dealer.



DX Series radio
Li-ion battery pack
Drop in charger
Spring-loaded belt clip
High-efficiency antenna
Quick start user guide


Attaching and removing accessories To attach an accessory, remove the accessory cover by unscrewing the locking screw anticlockwise (leave the cover attached or store in a safe place). Plug the accessory into the socket, then carefully tighten the locking screw clockwise until the finger is tight (do not over-tighten or use any implement). To remove an accessory, unscrew the locking screw of the accessory by hand in an anticlockwise direction. To prevent corrosion or damage to the accessory connector terminals ensure either a) the accessory cover is fitted or b) an accessory is securely fitted, never leave the terminals exposed.

Only use Entel original accessories, use of non-approved 3rd party accessories will invalidate your intrinsically safe approval.


Battery charging

  1. Connect the AC adapter to the charger pod and plugin.
  2. Turn the radio off.
  3. Insert the battery pack into the charger pod, either with or without the radio attached. The charger LED status light changes to red and charging begins.
  4. When charging is complete the charger LED status changes from red to green. A fully discharged battery pack will take approximately 3 hours to recharge.

A flashing red LED on the charger indicates there is a problem with the battery. Remove the battery from the charger and consult your Entel Dealer.

  • Battery care



  • Do not recharge the battery pack if it is already fully charged. Doing so may reduce the life of the battery pack.
  • After charging is complete, remove the battery from the charger. If the power to the charger is turned off and on again, charging will restart and the battery will become overcharged.
  • Please ensure that the radio is turned off before placing it in the charger and never switch a radio on whilst in the charger.
  • Only use battery pack product code CNB450E-IS.
  • Do not short the battery terminals or dispose of the battery in a fire.
  • Do not charge the radio and/or battery pack if they are wet.
  • Risk of explosion if the battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
  • Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
  • Storage temp: -20°C ~ +25°C / humidity range: 65 ±20%RH.
  • Keep out of reach of children

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE OR MODIFY THE BATTERY IN ANY WAY! Your Entel battery pack incorporates a safety circuit to avoid danger. If the safety circuit is damaged or bypassed, or the battery cells are damaged directly, they may generate extreme heat, smoke, rupture and emit flames.


Repair and maintenance of this product can only be carried out by Entel. Any damage to the anti-tamper seal will invalidate the product approval. Should you have any difficulties in operating this product please contact your Entel Dealer for support



  1. On/Off/Volume control. Rotate clockwise to turn on and increase volume. Rotate anticlockwise to reduce volume and turn off.

  2. Channel control

  3. Accessory socket

  4. Push-To-Talk (PTT) button. Press to speak and release to listen.

  5. Dealer programmable buttons (ask your Dealer for more information)

  6. LED indicator

  7. Red Steady – Transmitting

  8. Red Double Flash – Low Battery

  9. Red Fast Flash – Error

  10. Green Steady – Receiving

  11. Green Steady (AM) – Monitoring Channel Green slow flash (DM) – Digital call hang time Amber steady – Receiving invalid signal

  12. Amber Flash every 5 seconds – Radio in standby Amber Rapid Flash – Scanning

  13. Navigation key – channel up/down

  14. Microphone







Permitted models

CNB450E-IS| 2200mAh Li-ion battery pack| ü| DX-IS Series
CMP/DXS-IS| Remote speaker microphone| ü| DX-IS Series
CMP/DXE-IS| Remote speaker microphone ear jack version| ü| DX-IS Series
CHP450D/DX| Eardefender headset with headband| ü| DX-IS Series
| Ear defender headset/hardhat/single sided| ü| DX-IS Series
CHP450HD/DX*| Ear defender headset/hardhat/double sided| ü| DX-IS Series
CXR5/DX| Bone conductive skull microphone & earpiece| ü| DX-IS Series
| Bone conductive throat microphone & earpiece| ü| DX-IS Series
EA12/DX| Earpiece microphone & PTT| ü| DX-IS Series
EA15/DX| Acoustic tube earpiece with tie clip microphone & PTT| ü| DX-IS Series
PTT450E/DX| Heavy duty PTT switch for CHP Series| ü| DX-IS Series

  • CHP450D/DX, CHP450HS/DX and CHP450HD/DX supplied with PTT450E/DX
  • XR5/DX and CXR16/DX supplied with PTT451C/DX

Specific conditions of use:
The Entel UL913 transceivers should only be used with the specific, permitted accessories, as detailed above.


Attaching/removing the antenna

  1. To attach, carefully align the antenna with the socket. Screw in the antenna clockwise (taking care not to cross the thread) (A).
  2. To remove, unscrew the antenna anti-clockwise (B).

Attaching/removing the battery pack

  1. To attach (C), locate the pegs on the bottom of the battery into the slots on the radio and pull the 2 latches downwards, carefully pushing the battery into the radio. Release the latches ensuring the battery is full attached.
  2. To remove (D), pull down the 2 latches and carefully pull the battery away from the radio.


  1. To switch on rotate the on/off/volume control (1) on the top of the radio clockwise, you will hear a click from the control.
  2. When the radio has passed its diagnostic tests, it will emit a fanfare tone.
  3. The radio will enter standby mode. This is indicated by the LED flashing amber once every 5 seconds, signalling that the radio is ready for use.
  4. Adjust the volume control (1) to select the desired volume level.
  5. Using the channel control (2), ensure you have the correct channel selected.
  6. When receiving a valid signal, the LED will illuminate steady green and audio will be emitted from the radio’s speaker or audio accessory (if attached).
  7. When finished using the radio, switch it off by turning the on/off/volume control (1) counterclockwise until it clicks and the radio will be switched off


  1. Perform steps 1 through to 5 above.
  2. Before transmitting, monitor the channel and make sure it is clear.
  3. When receiving a signal, wait until the signal stops before transmitting. The radio cannot transmit and receive simultaneously.
  4. Press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button (4) to begin your transmission. To confirm transmission the LED will illuminate red.
  5. For best-transmitted speech quality, you must talk directly into the radio’s microphone (8) at around 4cm between your mouth and the radio.
  6. Please note: if you talk into the top of the radio or with your mouth further away, you will transmit poor-quality speech.
  7. When the transmission is finished release the PTT button.

Hereby, Entel UK Limited declares that the radio equipment type DX500 series is in compliance with;

  • EN 300 086 v2.1.2
  • EN 300 113 v2.2.1
  • EN 301 489-1 v2.2.3 &
  • EN 301 489-5 v2.2.1
  • EN 62368-1:2020 + A11:2020
  • EN 50566:2017,
  • EN 62311:2008 &
  • EN 62209 – 2:2010
  • For sale outside of Europe

Intrinsically Safe Certified to UL913 by SGS: ANSI/UL913 5th Ed

  • Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups C-G, T3
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D




Class I II III

| Class I – Gas, vapors; Class II – Dust;

Class III – Fibers, Flyings

Area Classification (Flammable material present time)|


| Division 1:

Gas/Dust normally present in explosive amounts

Gas Types by Group:| Group C| C – Ethylene and related products
Dust Types by Group:| Group G| G – Grain and non-metallic dust
Operating Temperature| -30 to 55| -22ºF to 131ºF
Temperature Class

(Maximum device surface temperature)





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  • Position: Quality Manager
  • Date: 15th November 2022
  • Signed:

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