planika I1464 Chantico Glassfire Instruction Manual

June 12, 2024

Planika I1464 Chantico Glassfire


Igniting the spilled fuel is extremely dangerous and will cause the glass tube to crack. Glass tube is not covered by the warranty.


  1. Attach the magnetic feet to the bottom of the baseplanika-I1464-Chantico-Glassfire-FIG-1
  2. Carefully pour fuel into the central opening of the burner (min 0.5l, max 1.5l). Warning! Fuel can only be poured into a chilled fireplace,planika-I1464-Chantico-Glassfire-FIG-2
  3. Wipe away any fuel stains from the fireplace surface with a soft cloth.planika-I1464-Chantico-Glassfire-FIG-3
  4. Place the stones around the burner ensuring you leave 1cm between the stones and the glass cylinder and 1 cm between the central opening of the firebox and the stones.planika-I1464-Chantico-Glassfire-FIG-4
  5. Light the fire with a match or lighter.planika-I1464-Chantico-Glassfire-FIG-5
  6. Carefully place the glass cover on the base. Make sure the stones do not touch the glass.



  • You are not allowed to fill the fuel tank and start the device before having read the instruction manual;
  • Device must be kept out of reach of children, animals, and unauthorized persons;
  • It is forbidden to put any products on the burner;
  • Please pay special attention when refueling – spilling the fuel directly on the product may damage the housing;
  • Do not refuel while burning.
  • The glass tube is a handmade product. Due to this fact, deformations or bubbles may occur on its surface.
  • 3.04.2022

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