Lucci decor 300905 Camilla Wide Wall Bracket Instruction Manual

June 4, 2024
Lucci decor

Lucci decor 300905 Camilla Wide Wall Bracket Instruction Manual
Lucci decor 300905 Camilla Wide Wall Bracket


Thank you for purchasing this quality Lucci product. To ensure correct function and safety, please read and follow all instructions carefully before assembly, installation and use of this luminaire. Please keep instructions for future reference.

Installation Requirements

  • Must be assembled and installed by a licensed electrician.

  • All wiring and installation of the luminaire must adhere to the latest local and national wiring rules. eg. AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations.

  • This luminaire is a Class I product and must be earthed during wiring and installation.

  • Do not exceed the maximum wattage rating.

  • Select a suitable location for installation:

    • This luminaire is suitable for indoor use only.
    • The mounting point must support 2 times the weight of the luminaire.
    • Ensure the luminaire is not installed in direct line of an air vent/system.
    • If installing a luminaire in an area prone to moisture, ensure that the area is well ventilated and an appropriately rated exhaust fan is used if required. Damage or corrosion caused by moisture is not a product fault, and as such is not covered under warranty.
  • Take care not to pull any electrical wires during unpacking as this may damage the connection.

  • Lay out all the components on a smooth surface and make sure there are no components missing before assembling.
    If parts are missing, return the complete product to the place of purchase for inspection or replacement.

  • Check whether the luminaire has been damaged during transport. Do not operate/install any product which appears damaged in any way. Return the complete product to the place of purchase for inspection, repair or replacement.

  • Ensure power to the circuit you are working on has been switched OFF before commencing any electrical work.

Installation Directions

  1. Remove all packaging material from the product and be careful not to throw away accessories that may be hidden within the packaging material. If assembly is required, place the luminaire on a smooth non-scratch surface.

  2. Use the mounting bracket (B) as a template to mark the screw positions on the wall.

  3. Install the mounting bracket (B) onto the wall by using appropriately sized mounting screws (C) and anchors (A).
    Ensure the screws (C) and anchors (A) used are suitable for the mounting surface and the surrounding environment.

  4. Connect the mains supply wire to the terminal block (G). Ensure the wires are secure and no bare wires are exposed.
    Mains Supply Wire
    Earth – Yellow/Green
    Neutral – Blue
    Live – Brown
    Luminaire Wire
    Yellow/Green or
    Blue or N
    Brown or L

  5. Install the luminaire (D) onto the mounting bracket (B) and secure by tightening the screws (E).

  6. Install lamp shade (H) on to lamp holder (F) and secure by tightening the ring (I). Do not overtighten as this may damage the lamp shade (H).

  7. Install a globe (J – not included) into the lamp holder. Do not exceed the maximum wattage rating.

  8. After the installation, switch on the luminaire to test and enjoy your new lighting product.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Safety Tips

  • Always ensure the power is OFF and the luminaire has cooled down before performing any maintenance, cleaning, changing the globe or making any adjustment to the luminaire.
  • To avoid injury or damage to the luminaire, ensure that power leads and screws are secure before connecting the power.
  • Select a suitable location away from liquids and hazards.
  • Ensure that the luminaire does not come in contact with corrosive chemicals/solvents or abrasive cleaners etc.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp clean cloth. Do NOT soak or immerse the luminaire in water or other liquids.


SKU # 300905 300906
Colour Black / Opal frosted glass Brass / Opal frosted glass
Rated Voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz
Rated Wattage 1 x 45W Max.
Lamp Holder ES / E27
Weight 0.8kg
Canopy Size H:25mm     Dia:100mm
Dimensions H:240mm     W:133mm     E:155mm

SKU# 300905, 300906
Rated Voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz

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