CHADWICK M506 Car Intelligent Anti Robbery System Owner’s Manual

June 12, 2024

CHADWICK M506 Car Intelligent Anti Robbery System

Car intelligent anti-robbery system
12Voltage Universal Intelligent oil circuit lock or anti-theft device*Non- destructive installation



  • Applicable models: 12V gasoline car/12V motorcycle
  • Installation location: oil pump fuse (directly replace the original car fuse)
  • Product function: cut off the oil and turn off the engine
  • Product features: fast installation, non-destructive plug-in, stable performance

Thank you for purchasing this product, please read this manual carefully before installation. If you can’t install it yourself, you need to ask a car repair electrician for help.

Circuit hidden lock mode

Circuit hidden lock mode [Directional dormant lock] (no short-circuit ring is inserted in the unit inside) factory default.

  1. If the car does not receive the signal from the remote control within 16 seconds after starting the car, the engine will turn off. The car can start normally if it receives the signal from the remote control within 16 seconds of starting. Even if it no longer receives the signal from the remote control, it will not turn off.
  2. Remote control operation:
    • (a) Manual mode: press the remote control every time or immediately after start-up.
    • (b) Automatic mode: Just bring the remote control.
  3. LED indication function: When receiving a remote control signal, the LED flashes once, indicating that the signal is normal, and no signal will not flash.

Anti-robbery mode

Anti-robbery mode: (the host inserts a short-circuit ring)

  1. When the host receives the signal from the remote control, the car can start normally, and it needs to continue to receive the signal from the remote control in the middle, otherwise it will turn off after 30 seconds if the signal is not received.
  2. LED indication: when the signal from the remote control is received, it flashes once for 1 second, when the signal is not received, it flashes 2 times per second for 11 to 20 seconds; when the signal is not received for 21 to 30 seconds, the LED flashes 4 times per second. (After 30 seconds have not received the signal LED does not light)
  3. The remote control in anti-robbery mode must turn on the automatic mode, otherwise it will turn off halfway due to no signal received.

How to use the remote control

Please keep the remote control alone, do not mix it with the car keys or original remote to increase the difficulty of grabbing.

Coding learning:
Press the unit case inside the learning code switch once, and immediately press the remote control button, the relay in the unit will beep 3 times and the LED indicator will light up, then the code learning is successful, the same method for learning the second remote control. Up to 2 remotes can be learned. The code has been learned at the factory, so there is no need to repeat the operation

How To Install

First, open the fuse box, find the oil pump fuse and pull it out, then replace it with the red wire plug, Keep the original fuse in a safe place, fix the main unit with a tie and cover the fuse box.

Remote control mode conversion

  1. Automatic mode: Long press the remote control button for 5 seconds, the LED indicator flashes 5 times, and the light of the remote control in this mode flashes every 30 seconds. In automatic mode, press the remote control light once and it will turn on.
  2. Manual mode: Long press the remote control button for 5 seconds, and the LED indicator is always on for 3 seconds and then extinguished, in this mode, press the button once the light of the remote control is on for 20 seconds.
  3. Replacing the battery: When the remote control light dims or does not light up, or occasionally the vehicle cannot be started, the battery needs to be replaced, After prying open the housing on the side of the remote control with a blade, replace the CR2032 model battery. After replacing the battery, switch to manual mode and adjust the mode as needed. It is recommended to replace it in advance.


Car intelligent anti-robbery system

  • Unit working voltage: 12V±3V
  • Unit quiescent current: ≤12mA
  • Unit control current: ≤30A
  • Remote control operating current: ≤3 ~ 8mA
  • Remote control standby current: ≤1uA
  • Remote control battery specification: CR2032
  • Remote control frequency: 433.92MHZ


The warranty terms:

  1. The warranty remains valid for one year from the purchase date.
  2. Within the warranty period, all manufacturing defects can be repaired by our service agents with the support of this warranty and the purchase invoice.
  3. Repair of damages resulting from unjustified causes will be subject to a charge at the actual cost level.



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