YEMNMFH Wooden Rattan Wall Shelf Instruction Manual

May 17, 2024

YEMNMFH Wooden Rattan Wall Shelf


Hardware Parts

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Floating Shelves Assembly Steps

  1. Insert screws into the backside of the shelf at designated points, as shown in the diagram.
  2. Place the expansion tool (part E) into the holes at the ends of the brackets (part C).
  3. Secure the brackets to the shelf by tightening the screws through the brackets into the shelf.

Floating Shelves Installation Steps

  1. Measure the distance with a ruler where the shelf will be positioned on the wall.
  2. Mark the place where you want to install the shelf and check with a level to ensure it is even.
  3. Drill the holes at the marked spots.
  4. Punch the expansion nails (part A) into the drilled holes.
  5. Screw in the screws (part B) into the expansion nails.
  6. Hang the shelf onto the screws fixed in the wall.


Part Description
A Expansion Nail
B Screw
C Bracket
D Ruler
E Expansion Tool


  • What tools will I need to assemble the floating shelves?
  • You will need a screwdriver and a level to ensure proper assembly and installation.
  • Can I install the shelves without drilling holes?
  • Drilling holes is necessary to secure the expansion nails and screws that will hold the shelf in place on the wall.
  • How do I ensure the shelf is hung straight?
  • Use a level when marking the place on the wall to install the shelf and when placing the shelf onto the screws.


Hardware Parts

YEMNMFH-Wooden-Rattan-Wall-Shelf-FIG-3 Floating Shelves Assembly Steps



Floating Shelves Installation Steps

Measure the distance with a ruler.


Mark the place where you want to install the shelf and check with a level.


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