Haier AV14IMAURA Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit User Guide

June 9, 2024

Haier AV14IMAURA Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit

MRV-5-RC Heat Recovery Outdoor, 40kW

Haier’s heat recovery outdoor unit and new valve box offer simultaneous cooling and heating in one system, with multiple indoor unit choices.

  • Three-pipe full DC inverter heat recovery system
  • Heating and cooling, with an operational range from -23°C to 50°C
  • Outdoor units can work in parallel to power a range of indoor units
  • Total connected pipe length up to 1000m with 110m lift height


  • Height 1690 mm
  • Width 1410 mm
  • Depth 750 mm


Commercial scale solutions
Outdoor units can work in parallel, providing combined cooling or heating capacity up to 224kW and connecting to up to 64 indoor units of varying capacity and style.
Heat recovery
The MRV-5-RC outdoor unit and three-pipe valve box can heat and cool simultaneously using heat recovery. In a three-pipe system, heat absorbed from a cooling indoor unit can be recovered and used by another indoor unit for heating, and vice versa.
With full DC-inverter technology and a new four-way heat exchanger, MRV-5-RC is designed to heat and cool large spaces efficiently.
Choose your indoor unit
Choose from our wall mount, slim duct, high static duct, compact cassette and large cassette indoor air conditioner units to suit your environment.
Simple maintenance
The electrical control box is designed with a hinge to easily lift and swing open for faster servicing and diagnostics.
Optional central controller
For personalised control of the whole system, a wall-mounted controller lets you manage individual indoor units, groups or zones from a single point.



  • Cooling capacity (kW) 40kW
  • Heating capacity (kW) 45kW


  • COP 3.83
  • EER 3.57


  • Compressor type DC INV. SCROLL

Inverter controlled compressor


  • Connectible indoor unit ratio 50-130%
  • Liquid line 12.7mm
  • Maximum number indoor units 24
  • Suction line 25.4mm


  • R410a refrigerant •
  • Sound power SWL (outdoor) 88dBA
  • Working temperature cooling -5°C ~ +50°C
  • Working temperature heating -23°C ~ +21°C

Power Requirements

  • Power phase 3
  • Power supply 50Hz
  • Supply voltage 400V

Product dimensions

  • Depth 750 mm
  • Height 1690 mm
  • Net weight 385kg mm
  • Width 1410 mm

SKU 51529

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